What You Can Find when on Vacation at Labuan Bajo Indonesia

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Labuan Bajo Indonesia is a fishing town located on the western tip of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of eastern Indonesia. In addition to being a small fishing town, Labuan Bajo has now also become one of the busiest tourism centers in Flores. This city is a stopover point for those who want to travel to Komodo Island.

The most interesting thing about Labuan Bajo is when the sunset starts to change the color of the sky to orange. Here you will be offered an amazing viewaccompanied by labuan bajo indonesia weather that can make people feel comfortable. The drowning sun creates a dramatic silhouette of small islands close to the harbor. In addition,when it come to dusk, the scenery on Labuan Bajo are very beautiful, especially in the surrounding tourist areas. The scenery is not the only one offered by this tourist area, but also various adventure activities, the uniqueness of biodiversity, and local cultural wisdom.


  • Watch Thousand of Bat At Dusk

One of the tourist destinations that you will meet, will present a very unique scenery. You will be able to watch groups of thousands of bats flying at dusk. The best time to visit this island is when the sun begins to set. While lying on a boat you can see the view of thousands of bats clashing in the orange sky.

  • Observe and Track Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon is an ancient lizard that until now still live in Komodo island area. This lizard is a rare species that can only be found in the Komodo island. When you visit Labuan Bajo, you can come to Komodo island area to find traces of this giant lizard. When you meet with Komodo, you can observe the habitat and characteristics of this ancient lizard.

  • Diving & Snorkeling With Unique Marine Biodiversity

One of the best tourist attractions you can live is diving to enjoy the underwater beauty. During the dive you can find many interesting sea creatures. Starting from manta rays, sharks, tuna, grouper, napoleon wrasse, blue leopard fish, eels, sea snakes, octopus, squid, nudibranch, orangutan crabs, crabs, and more.

  • Enjoying Wonderful and Fantastic Natural Scenery

Labuan Bajo is famous for its unspoiled natural scenery. Therefore, in the tourist area that you will visit, not infrequently you will be amazed by the natural beauty in every corner of Labuan Bajo. When traveling, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach that will make you amazed. In addition to the beach, you can also visit the hills and mountains, which is also not less beautiful. You can also visit some waterfall tourist areas that will give an unforgettable impression on your vacation.

The increasing number of tourists visiting the island of Komodo make the manager set up many additional facilities, such as labuan bajo indonesia hotels.In addition to the hotel you will also be able to find various other facilities such as restaurants, markets, tourist equipment rental, and much more.With the complete tourist facilities, your holiday will not only be memorable with stunning natural scenery, but also the convenience of traveling.

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